Taking Life As It Comes isn’t all about fluffy clouds in an azure blue sky.

It’s also not about giving up, resigning oneself to a miserable life full of impossible challenges.

It’s about my philosophy on Life.

A philosophy that I developed at the age of 18, which has served me well during difficult times throughout my life – and especially during the past 11 years living with breast cancer.

Among other things, Taking Life As It Comes is about

  • Following your Heart
  • Learning to Accept What Is, with grace
  • Feeling Gratitude for moments of Joy
  • Focusing on what you love rather than what you believe you “should” do
  • Enjoying the Present Moment rather than worrying about the future or having regrets about the past
  • Adapting to Change and finding solutions to problems in the Present Moment
  • Leading a life of Ease

To find out more about my story, start with Setting the Scene.

The Taking Life As It Comes Blog tells the individual episodes of the story.

In addition to being a writer, I am also an intuitive artist, photographer and film maker.
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Julia Barnickle